Whistle Stop Plastics Ltd is a plastics technology specialist with a unique business approach focused on individual project development. Since its creation in 1997, the company’s reputation and capacity have grown significantly. Supported by Modern Moulds & Tools Ltd, its sister company, Whistle Stop Plastics Ltd immediately developed a proactive attitude to be more than a injection moulder. By offering comprehensive and tailored expert services, Whistle Stop Plastics Ltd has made it one of its core values to become a full extension of its customers, as it aims at understanding their business and  anticipating their needs.

Customer testimonial from IFPL:

"We have been working with WSP for more than 10 years. In that time WSP have added real value to our products through being customer-focused and proactive in addressing our questions and issues. The personal relationships between IFPL and WSP are key to the success of the partnership. These relationships have developed over a number of years and their endurance is testament that our people value working with one another,"

- IFPL, award winning international product developer specialised in tailored engineering solutions for the Global Inflight Entertainment (IFE) Industry.